Fiction Story


I’m no famous or wonderful writer but I do enjoy writing or at least start writing a story every so often. Sometimes it can be a great way to let off some steam or when I’m confused about something and can’t think straight.

Its just so amazing how lots you can get in the world of a fiction book/story. Like, you can be anybody you want to be either the Hero or the person being saved by the Hero, or a Major Detective solving a crime, or someone who can ride dragons or a wonderful actor going famous down Broadway! Or if you don’t like to be in the story you can think of yourself as the narrator. 🙂

Anything could happen between the covers of a book. When you write the story, anything is possible if you just let your mind go.

But anywho…I was think about maybe starting a story right here on this blog, but I thought I’d ask y’all if that’d be something you’d be interested in reading. I’d still post normal blog post but every-so-often I’d do a new post adding onto the story (maybe once a month). If I did start one, would y’all be interested in also helping decide on names of characters and what should happen next? Like I’d do a poll before/with each post for you to vote on names or what should happen next.
Just lemme know and VOTE on the two polls, and if y’all like the idea I’ll try and get it started August 1st. 🙂



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