The Wild concoction Called Me!


For this weekly writing Challenge (  I’m suppose to write a ‘recipe’ of me, what I’m made of.

Well seeing as this is my first Recipe we’ll see how it turns out. 😛


1/2 c. Adventure and outdoorsy

1 c Crazy

16 fluid oz. stubbornness

2 lbs tender-heart

1 c Jewish

1 lb tom-boy

1 extra hard headache

3 heaping cups of music and singing (Best to use- Praise and Worship, Country and some Good old Hymns)

2 TB terrible memory

1 tsp stay at home mom

2 pinches of procrastination

3 tsp worry-ness

Mix together gently, adding the tender-heart last to be sure not to hurt it (hurting it may cause tears and  dis-trust to come out, and may give it a bad taste and cause the tom-boy and stubbornness to come out even more). Don’t forget the procrastination, it adds to the sweetness.

To Garnish:

1 c Smiles

1/2 reading and writing

A hand full of crazy curly Hair

4 TB Sports (mainly Football, Volley ball, Shooting guns, Horse back riding, and Ice-skating)

*Be careful with curly hair, can get out of hand easily.*

May also serve with:

1 Amazing, tall, Dark, and Handsome Husband 😉

1 Super cute Baby

And a small dog and cat to bring out the extra crazy 😛

*WARNING* Do Not Mix with slow or bad drivers. And when put with Horses is not responsible for possible girlish love struck excitement!

IMAG3803 photo shoot (5) zoo (53)



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