A Day at Daingerfield State Park


Yesterday we weren’t really sure what we wanted to do, did we wanna just hang around town, go to Barns and Noble in Tyler, go over to Rockwall or what. Cause there’s only so many things to do here in Greenville that are family friendly, and we didn’t really want to watch a movie or go to Walmart (again) and the Mall…well our mall really isn’t a mall it’s more of a big empty building with a handful of stores in it with like hardly anybody there, its very sad.

So Mr. K started looking up things to do in our area, and he found this State Park that was bout a 2 hour drive away that he wanted to check out. So I started getting myself and the Baby ready to go and 30 min later we are on the road. Thankfully it was Gideon’s nap time so with in 10 min he was fast asleep in his car-seat.

The drive there was nice, But as soon as we pulled into the driveway area of the park it was like we turned into a whole new state! Gone was the brown grass and dying looking bushes, and trees that looked like the were about to wilt for having no water and being in this terrible heat, and out came this Beautiful looking wooded area with healthy looking trees, and grass that looked at least half way descent. IMAG5250

We first looked around a little bit, checked out their tent campsites to see if we’d be interested in camping there, and boy do they have some great spots for camping! A couple of the spots were a little hidden by trees, so it gave you a little extra privacy, which is something Mr. K really liked about the area.

Next, we wanted to rent a paddle boat to go out on the lake, so I put Gideon in a swim Diaper and his life vest, Mr. K rented the boat and we were off. I gotta tell ya, I seriously don’t remember paddle boats being that difficult when I was younger! Swear my legs felt worse then after walking 4+ miles- though I think I’m more outta shape then I thought I was. 😛 We rented the boat for 4 hours but only kept it for probably 1, since Gideon was started to get antsy and a little fussy, plus it was starting to feel really hot out there. So we returned the boat and went down to the swim area. At first we kept Gideon in his Life vest but he didn’t like it very well (it was actually his first time in a life vest), so we took it off and I took him back out into the water, starting with just sitting on the steps that go into the water. With in 5 min we were back in the water and having fun. Gideon was even laughing. 😀 We had a blast, thanks to my wonderful husband who found a great park to go to! 🙂 IMAG5239 IMAG5225

On the way back home Gideon slept most of the way, he was pretty tired after a having so much fun…we were all pretty tired by the end of the day, but it was so worth it. 🙂


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