Writers Block


When I was younger, I never really had much of a problem writing. I use to be able to sit down and just write for hours, sometimes just working on one of my stories, or writing poem after poem after poem, or maybe working on two different stories at the same time and also doing a poem. But lately when I really want to actually do it its like I don’t even know how to form a sentence right or the only thing(s) that come to mind are just rambling thoughts about almost everything in my life. The one time that I’d like to have my brain think on just one thing it can’t, not even for 5 seconds. It’s Crazy!

When I use to get writers block I could just sit down and read a book for 5 minutes and BOOM I’d have an idea, but this time I read one whole book and I barely got anything at all. It sucks.  For the longest time all I’ve ever wanted to do was play the Piano and Write stories (well and also be a cop or some kind of Spy, but I know that definitely ain’t gonna happen now :P) and yet those are the two things that I just can’t bring myself to do most the time even though that’s all I really want to do (and take care of my family that is). I mean I even have time now to do those things now that Gideon is starting to be more independent, but once I sit down to actually do them its like I’ve never done it before and I don’t know what I’m doing at all.

I have two stories that I’m trying to write-one for this  blog and one for my other blog- and they both are being a challenge for me, way more then I thought they would be.  With one I know how I want it to go but I just can’t seem to find the right words to get me there, and with the other I kind of know where I want it to go but not sure how it’ll turn out or how’d I’d come to that out come and what all events I really want to happen. I’ve got a feeling that before I’m done with it the poor girl is going to have to probably go through ‘Hell’ just cause I can’t seem to find any really good idea’s that just stick.

Oh the joys of being a writer 😉


PS this kinda helped, I just filled a two pages in my note book with ideas for my story.



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