Texas Weather..and bits of random


Here I was thinking that Missouri had Crazy weather, but this summer in Texas almost has me thinking other wise!

Take today for an example… this morning it was raining, around one-ish it was really hot, then getting close to 5 it was raining and super hot outside, and now its like perfect temperature with just a little humidity.

Sure its giving me a headache and giving me a terrible hair day 😛 but hey, I’m actually kinda enjoying it right now. The Baby is a sleep and in bed so its just the husband and I sitting out here on the porch enjoying so good time together…alone…well okay other then the occasional neighbor that walks by, or the grasshoppers that keep flying at me. 😉


Not sure if it’s shown, but I posted the first ‘chapter’ of my book, its a separate page under the Page ‘Life to Choose’. Please, if there’s anything wrong or if you have any suggestions, comment and let me know. I’m still kind of new to the whole writing thing so I’m not that great and sometimes my fingers aren’t as fast at typing as my brain thinks. And if the story seems to be moving to slow or gets confusing, let me know so I can fix it. Thanks! I love to hear what y’all think of it, and my blog! 😀 I’m working on the next part of the book now, just having some problems with writers block but as soon as I’m finished with the next chapter I’ll post it and let y’all know. 🙂


My Mom is coming to visit soon! I can’t wait to see her, first my lil sister and now my mom, and then after she stays with us  for a little while we are taking her back up to Missouri and I’ll get to see the rest of my Family and hopefully some friends. 🙂 I’ll also get to meet my Little brother’s first and new Girlfriend, (he’s growing up too fast! Not cool, dude). It’ll be good to see everyone again. 🙂 

OH! And it’ll all be mostly around my birthday! I’m going to be 20 (but shh don’t tell ;). And as my Husband says, It’s About Time!! lol But hey, I’ve enjoyed my teen years, I Got engaged and graduated at 17, got married and had a baby at 18, and at 19…well I got pregnant again but miscarried, sadly, 😦 but other then that, just living the married and mommy life, and it’s been AWESOME!! 🙂


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