My not so busy/kinda busy Month of August


Well as you can see, I was terrible at posting new things in August and it is September. This year has just gone by way to fast that’s for sure. 😛 


Anywho…. I shall try to recap the month of August in this post, though I have no clue how long the post itself will be. 

So my Sister visited for a week round the 1st, Mr. K did NOT like driving to the big City to take her to the bus stop but we did and boy, there are some creepy people out there that I hope to never meet offence to anyone but since having a baby I’ve become more, I guess you can say ‘Alert’ to the people around me and my family. After she went back home we didn’t do much just went to the lake a few times and Bass Pro Shops (one of my Husband’s favorite stores). 🙂 

Then I had my birthday, I didn’t do much since Mr. K had to work that day but it was kinda nice to be able to just relax and enjoy the day, though that night we had a nice dinner and Mr. K got me a couple beautiful Roses and some turnovers for dessert, it was perfect! 😀 That night my mom came to visit from Missouri, she got to stay for almost a week before we drove her back up to Missouri where the rest of my family is…well some of them, not all. While my mom was down here we didn’t get to do much but stay at home, clean, take care of the baby, have ice cream and root beer floats, and watch TV Shows (NCIS LA and Duck Dynasty are Awesome!! Just say’n..). The ride up to Missouri wasn’t too bad though we did have to make a few extra stops for diaper changes with the baby but hey at least we all got to stretch our legs for a little while. OH and then of course when we were finally almost to our destination what happens??!?! Gideon has a major diaper blow out! It was all over his legs, in his carseat, and since we didn’t notice it right away when my Mom handed him to me I put him on my hip not knowing poop was leaking outta him and got it on my dress, hands and arms. AHH the joys of being a mommy! -_- lol but hey we were able to get cleaned up in the bathroom and daddy wiped up the carseat and we were soon on our way. When we got to Springfield we did a little shopping at the mall, and finally got some good lunch at Purple Burrito (Oh SOO delicious!). Next day we slept in a little bit before some friends came over, (got to finally meet my little brothers new -and first- Girlfriend), later that evening some of them and my siblings were out driving (trying out the new cool cars) and they hit a deer, it was kinda interesting but hey they got some good deer meat outta it…and a few bumps on a nice car. 😛 

We got back home Sunday night, even though I miss my family and I did have a good time visiting with them, Mr. K and I are glad to be home, and I’m sure Gideon is too (he’s been getting into all his toys and playing with the cat and dog, I think he missed them.<3 ).


No clue what we have going on this week or next but I’m sure its goin to involve some good relaxing and family time.

I know later this month we are goin camping for Sukkot for almost 2 weeks. It’s gonna be awesome! 2 Whole weeks of nothing but family, camping, the outdoors, and bible studies. 😀 And plus Mr. K has no work for the whole time! *Happy Dance*  


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  1. I can tell you like to watch Duck Dynasty, you say ‘hey’ a lot. =) I had a wonderful with you all and loved watching my grandson walk.


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