Daily Prompt: Luxurious…..


What is one Luxury thing that I can’t live without??

    That’s actually kinda a hard one to answer, I guess it’d depend on your definition of Luxury…maybe. Like when I was younger having a TV and actually being able to watch it/have channels to watch, or playing a video game were Luxuries. But now that I’m Married, we might not have channels but we do have a TV and somewhere to rent movies for a cheap price, and we also have a Wii so I guess those just aren’t much of a Luxury anymore to me, Though I do enjoy them immensely. 🙂

Hot water is kind of a Luxury but ya know, I could probably get use to using cold or luke warm water…..


I know if I lost my Cell phone right now I’d have a hard time going through my day to day life. But if I had WiFi and computer to replace my cell phone I’d probably be able to make it, though might be a little hard to get use to.

Probably the Biggest Luxury I’d have the hardest time living without would be our Heating and Cooling system. Ask anyone in my family and they could tell you that I get really cold really fast, and its hard for me to stay warm (Think its an Iron problem).  I just don’t know what I’d do without it!






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