Daily Prompt: Release Me


“The Daily Prompt asks us to tell them about the blog post you were most nervous to publish — and what it was like to set it free.”


Hmm well lets see… There are always lots of things I think about posting or writing but then change my mind because I’m not sure if its good enough or what kind of reaction I’d get. I guess I can list and go into a little detail on some of them (and this time try not to erase any of it).

1- I know I’m still kinda young and most people will probably say I just don’t know enough or to young to know anything, but…seriously people Politics aren’t that big a deal! Sure I don’t agree with Obama or what he stands for but you know what what’s done is done, its not like we can do much about it now that he’s in office for a few more years. Yes we can probably get our voice out there some how and maybe just maybe they’ll notice us, but in the end it’s going to be whatever they want to happen. If you hate this country or our leaders so much then by all means we have four boarders for you to choose from to leave by. I honestly think that if y’all were stupid enough to vote for Obama then you might as well just deal with it. And for those of you who still think Obama is the best choice for this nation, no offence but from what I heard and seen..yea.. you’re really REALLY CRAZY!! Swear if Obama could probably have it totally his way, it’d be like G.I. Joe…. Him taking over and replacing the American flag with his own. Now I’m not saying this because I’m racist, I have no probably with Black or White or Tan People. I am Mexican after all, and I have a Grandma who’s Black, a Grandpa who’s Indian and ancestors who are from many races.

2-I’ve never really done a post about this but it does weigh on my mind a lot. Christians who argue over the littlest things! OMG that just drives me nuts! Especially when it effects the church or you’re time fellow-shipping with others. If its not an absolute salvation issue then why let it get between us? If you let that happen then you’re pretty much no better then an other person or group out there Christian or not. For some people and things, its like for once will you be mature and just let it go,  it’s not like it will kill you. All it takes is an “Uh-huh, yep.” and if agreeing with the other person doesn’t help then its very simple to just say, that you’d rather not talk about it or to try to agree to disagree before it because some huge arguing match.

3-As far as Gun rights go…I think we’d be complete idiots to just hand them over. I know some people aren’t ‘gun people’ but hey, first they take our guns then who knows what could be next. I personally am someone who isn’t good with knives\swords or throw things, martial arts/boxing, or things like that, so I’d feel a lot safer with a gun near me and I don’t just mean “a phone call away” type of near me either.  Even if I might never really need it, you never know what could happen. Some of the gas stations in town really give me the creeps, one had bars across their bars on their windows. Plus I know there has been some shootings in town. So yes, I would rather like to keep my guns. Also, laws have never stopped a criminal before from doing something illegal what makes you think that law would be any different?

4-I’ve always been scared to post things that I’ve written (stories and poems) But I’m working on getting better at that. I am working on a story right now on this blog (and another one) that I’d really love to get some feed back on, and if you have any ideas or thoughts on how things should or might go in the story I’d love to hear them, I’ve been getting writers block a lot lately so I won’t mind the help. 🙂 The Link to the page for the one on this blog is: https://wordzonapg.wordpress.com/a-life-to-choose/

the links on that page will take you to each chapter, and I do believe the comments are turned on.

And here is the link to the one on my other blog: http://wordsonapg.blogspot.com/p/writing.html

its a different story on each one. I’m not finished with them at all, and I’m not even totally sure how long they’ll be, I’m just going where ever they take me. 🙂

I do have some poems that I might post some day, but they are from years ago so we’ll see if I can find them, Or come up with some new ones. 🙂


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