Children and Roadtrips


I am not going to totally enjoy it when Day Light Savings ends on Sunday! Lately (hopefully not jinxing myself here) Gideon has been sleeping in until close to 10am most mornings…I’ve been loving it!! 😀 A few hours of me time most mornings is great! But I think when Day Light Savings ends so will my ‘me time’ in the mornings. I know that probably sounds kinda selfish but I can’t help it. 😛 Don’t get me wrong I love spending time with my baby (and Husband when he’s home from work) but just to sit in bed, working on my stories or just surfing the net without having to worry bout someone getting into something or needing something or crawling all over me, its kinda nice. Even my cat doesn’t bother me, she just curls up next to me and sleeps. Though for the past few days I’ve been either sleeping in myself or when I do get up I don’t have much time so I’ll just play on my phone for a little before Gideon needs me to get him outta bed…plus he’s been getting up closer to 9am lately also. I think he’s been going to some growing spurts also, yesterday he was extra clingy to mommy, but that’s okay, I liked it. 🙂

He’s growing up so much, I wonder sometimes where my little baby went, now I’ve got a growing very active toddler, who’s just so cute, even when he does pout its its adorable and I sometimes have a hard time not laughing. 

I’d love to have another child again soon, but Mr. K thinks it’d probably be best if we waited a little while, which I understand and agree, though I do miss having a small baby around and to hold. Gideon would be an awesome big brother, I just know it. 🙂 

So next year we’re thinking on going on a small family road trip to somewhere we haven’t gone before, but also that’s not too far away. Just got to figure out where. I’ve been following this page on Facebook called Road Trips and they post a lot of interesting places that are right here in America. So maybe we’ll find one that’s close to us and go there. 🙂 Thinking maybe Kentucky, or Arkansas, or maybe Louisiana, not sure yet, but I bet it’ll be lots of fun! 😀


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