Daily Prompt: Come Fly with Me- to the West Coast


Share a story about the furthest you’ve ever traveled from home.

I guess that would just depend where Home is/was. When I was younger, we use to travel all over the USA for my dad’s job, and we lived in each town where he had a job anywhere from 2-4 months, we lived in a RV. At that time I think Home was where my Family was, but I always said I was from Portland, OR so that would make the furthest I traveled then was about 4,000 miles away, and when I called Missouri my home the travel would’ve been 2,000 miles away (it was a yearly trip our family would make at the beginning of the Summer so my Dad could collect unemployment) -Boston, Massachusetts; New York City, NY; Maryland; Virgina, Washington DC, Pennsylvania. Though not every time did we make all the same stops, the main destination was Boston. In 2006 I think it was, (we were living in Missouri by then), my Dad had just made a trip to Portland for a job I think, either way, on his way back he brought back my older sister, and cousin for a visit for the Summer. Not long after they got back we packed up our 7 passenger van (there was 8 of us and a dog we had that was about to have puppies any day) and we headed off to the West Coast. First we went to Boston to take care of the Unemployment, after that was just traveled around the states over there for a little while. In PA we visited a church that was having a conference, sadly that’s when our dog died, she didn’t even get to have her puppies. 😦 We went to Maryland and visited some friends, they took us to Washington DC, we went to the Smithsonian Museum, had a tour of the Capital building, stood by the Washington Monument and looked at the White House from a distance. We were going to look at some of the other things there but it was the beginning of August and the temperature that day was over 100 degrees, and my younger sister pretty much passed out from the heat. Since they had taken all our food and drinks when we toured the Capital we had to go out to eat. So you know how McDonald’s is pretty cheap, at that time a normal meal would’ve been about 3-4 bucks but not there! The cheapest thing on the menu to eat was $5 and it was just a plain burger if I remember right, and the meals were as high as $10, and unlike most McDonalds they didn’t have a dollar menu, I swear that was the most expensive meal I’d ever had there.

Anywho, after DC, the next day our friends took us to Gettysburg, it was pretty awesome…Okay it was cool, my youngest brother was the one who that it was Awesome. 😛

We went to NYC, walked around Time Square at night, the Toys ‘R’ Us they have there is HUGE-just say’n. There were so many people there all of us girls made sure we had a hand on our purses, there was so many people bumping into us it would’ve been easy to steal things. We visited Ground Zero it was amazing what it still looked like after 4 years. We also went to see the Statue of Liberty. Must say that was Pretty Cool! I even enjoyed the Fairy Ride over there. Of Course we were able to go up inside but at least we got to go inside the thing she stands on, though it’s kinda weird when you think of it as ‘We looked up her dress from under her.’ The museum they have there was interesting, I must say I did not know there were 3 Statues of Liberties.

In Virginia we found a Dam with our last name, ‘Gathright Dam’ it was pretty neat, we even pulled over and took a picture of all of us sitting under it. 🙂 While in Virginia we also visited some friends and stayed with them a couple days.

After that we headed home. All in all it was pretty fun trip, even though on nights when we didn’t have somewhere to stay, we slept in our van…lets just say it was very crowded. 😛


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