Enjoying an Evening with my husband <3



So for Hanukkah I bought Mr. K a PS3, something he has been waiting for for the past about 6 months. For our Anniversary I had bought him the game Call of Duty BlackOps 2, so he had the game before the game system. 😛

Anywho, since buying the PS3 on Wednesday he has been enjoying playing it and using it to help De-Stress from work, which I don’t mind so long as I get some time with him too after he gets home. So for the past few nights, after I get Gideon to bed, we shared a piece of the Pumpkin pie I made for Thanksgiving and battled it out on BlackOps. 🙂 It’s actually fun, and I’m finally getting to the point where I don’t die as much (YaY! lol). We make a great team on Capture the Flag, he guards the flag and shoots almost anything insight, and I Capture the Enemy Flag. Last night the score was 11-0 in 20 minutes, which compared to the first time we did it is really good. Though I must admit, since I die so easily I have him put the Bots on the easiest level…Recruit. I know its sad but hey, ya gotta give a girl a fighting chance! 😛

We do have another game but sadly before we bought it I didn’t check to see which controller I would need to play it, and come to find out I needed the Motion Controller and the PlayStation Eye. Thankfully we didn’t spend a lot on the game so it wasn’t a total waste of money. Not sure if we’ll keep it or not though…might save it for some day when we might be able to the the controllers we need for it.


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