Daily Prompt: Five Items


A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

Now it depends if it has to be single Items or if it could be like items filled with things.

These lists are for if I was stuck on the Island for a long time.

If only single items…

  1. Water purifier straw …should get the salty taste outta the water right??
  2. Satellite phone…with a fully charged battery please.
  3. Fishing line with a hook…if there’s no other source of food on the Island.
  4. A box of Waterproof matches
  5. My Husband!!! …that would be aloud right?? if not then a Large Dictionary.


If I can take items filled with things…

  1. My Husband….if can’t take him then a pic of my family
  2. 1 year Survival Pack
  3. Satellite Phone…fully charged battery
  4. A BIG box of books
  5. Flotation Devise


Not only would I wanna take Mr. K cause I love him and would miss him terribly but, he’s way more smarter at all the survival than I am! 😛 🙂 I would take a bible but I’ve got a lot of verses memorized plus I don’t want to feel tempted to use pages of it for fire starter, that’s why I chose a Dictionary.

My Deserted Island!!! O.O

If I was only going to be on the Island for a day or two… then I’d probably only take these things.

  1. Water Purifier
  2. Camera…with back up batteries
  3. Notebook and Pen..sound of the ocean makes me think and ponder things sometimes
  4. Knife with Fishing wire wrapped around the handle..just in case
  5. Waterproof Matches

If I could take Mr. K with me, then I’d take him in place of the Knife. 😉


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