My weekend


So far my weekend has consisted of a cranky fussy baby who only seems to be happy when Mommy holds him or when daddy is home to play or hold him, being curled up under blankets to stay warm, watching a movie or two with the Husband or playing video games with him (I’m actually get better at them! YaY!) cooking and cleaning. Oh and a little bit of relaxing during nap time and after bed time. 🙂

Today Gideon went down for an early nap around 10am, I tried to lay him down in his bed so I could write, but as soon as he started to leave my arms he woke up and started to cry refusing to want leave Mommy’s arms, so I took him back to the living room and rocked him back to sleep. Not wanting to sit and just play on my phone, I decided to bring him to our bed and lay him down next to me so I can write and come online. He woke up a little bit but fell back asleep, and after getting my arm back from under him I’m free to write now. He’s been napping for almost 3 hours which from the last almost week, is a record! I’m really not sure what’s wrong but he just hasn’t been sleeping well lately, and that means I don’t either. Yesterday I was so tired I finally gave in and had a cup of coffee around 2pm, which I later regretted-I was up and awake until sometime after midnight, I think I might just stick to decaf after 2pm. 😛

Anyways, even though the fussing is really wearing me out and it’s keeping me from getting things done, I do take some pleasure in the fact that just hold him for a little while seems to make him feel better, and to watch Mr. K hold or play with him to help keep him calm it just warms my heart all the way. ❤

Cuddling with mommy

Cuddling with mommy

Since today is Shabbat, I’m not doing a lot of cleaning but thankfully Gideon hasn’t made a huge mess of everything…yet 😉

I’m really hoping the weather gets a little warmer tomorrow like they say it’s suppose to. I’d love to get Gideon outta the house for a little while without worrying if he’s freezing or not. Sure we’ve got a nice warm coat for him, but poor baby can barely walk with it on.



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