Will it ever end??


So not long ago I know I posted something about us being sick…well we are still trying to get rid of whatever bug is trying to hold on to us. *ugh*

Poor Gideon got RSV and an ear infection 😦  Dr put him on Meds for the infection but said the RSV has to run it’s course, thankfully though, he seems to be over or pretty much over the RSV without getting bronchitis or pneumonia and he’s been good at taking his meds so hopefully the ear infection is gone or almost gone too. 🙂 I’ve also been using some Essential Oils to help him and they seem to be working also.

I on the other hand can’t seem to get rid of this congestion and headache I’ve had for the past few days; the Oils help but not a lot. I’ve got some eucalyptus oil that I’ve been using for the congestion and it had gotten rid of my cough and it clears my sinus’ really well but it just comes back, it’s very annoying! 😛 Hopefully it’ll all go away here soon, I’d really like to be able to go about my day without having to sit down every two minutes to let my head rest. -_-

Thankfully Mr. K has gotten over his flu and he hasn’t gotten sick again from Gideon or I, so that is a good thing. 🙂 Though with me burning oils and making sure he takes his vitamins, his immune system is probably getting stronger, which is good. 🙂


On another good note, since I’ve been trying to rest a lot I’ve been doing a little bit of house shopping to pass the time. It’s been fun, and I’m really praying that we’ll be able to get a house this year, (if I did have a New Year’s Resolution, getting a house would definitely be towards the top of my list). 😉 We’ve also been thinking on getting a new car but we’ll see what happens. 🙂


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