Spring is in the Air


I don’t know how it is in the Northern States, but so far in Texas Spring is in the Air! 😀 For the past few days we’ve been having some kinda nice weather, still a little chilly at night but hey, during the day it’s been about 60 degrees out. 😀 It’s Wonderful!!


As I might have mentioned before in another post, I am NOT a big fan of the cold! Like Usually I have anything below 70 almost freezing, that’s how much the cold and I don’t get along. 😛 So when I say I’m really happy for the warmer weather-even if it is in the 50’s and 60’s-I mean it.


Anywho, other then that, not much else going on.

On Shabbat, instead of going to our normal church we got together with some friends and had a bible study. I really enjoyed it! We read from Exodus, Judges, and Revelation.

Each week they read a section of the Torah until the end of the year, and then start over. Just think back in the 1st Century Church just about every child had the Torah memorized by age 10, isn’t that Amazing!? O.O

When I was 10 I just had the 10 Commandments, part of the Sermon on the Mount, part of John 1, and some verses in Proverbs, Romans, and maybe a few other books memorized.  Don’t know if I would’ve been able to Memorize 4 WHOLE books; those were some pretty smart kids!

Still looking around for a house, might have found a couple that are nice but not sure, got to get a hold of the Owner/Realtor to get more info on them. I’m really praying that we find the right now. 🙂

OH!! We don’t have the flu anymore!! THANK GOODNESS!!!! Coughs and congestion’s are all gone, now if I could just get rid of this headache that likes to pop up when ever it feels like it, we’d be Perfect! 🙂


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