MaN’s Bath Salts!!!

MaN’s Bath Salts!!!

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MaN’s Bath Salts

Homemade baths salts made with PURE ESSENTIAL OILS and/or Pure Moisturizing oils!

I hand paint the lids so I can add a name or heart on the top if you like.

Good for a gift for Valentines if put with a few candles. 🙂



Use the form below to contact me, you can mix oils/fragrances, and in the comment box you can let me know if you would like anything put on the lid, and when you need it by.


4oz Jars
1 Jar- $3.00 + shipping* 
2 jars- $5.50 + shipping* 
3 jars- $9.00 + shipping* 
4 jars- $11.00 + shipping* 
5 jars- $15.00 + shipping*
6 jars- $17.oo + shipping*
7 jars- $19.50 + shipping*
8 jars- $24.00 + shipping*
9 jars- $26.00 + shipping*
10 jars- $27.50 + shipping*
*cost for shipping depends on where I’m shipping it, I’ll need at least you’re zip code to figure out the shipping costs.

Payable by Money Orders and Cash ONLY!!!!! Takes me five minutes to make Bath Salts, so as soon as I get the money I’ll send you the Product. 


Natural Essential Oil Bug Repellent

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