I was cleaning out our closet the other day and came across a poem I had written probably sometime between the ages of 14 and 16. That got me to looking for some more of the poems I had written. I found some, but not all of them, I know somewhere I have a notebook full of poems I had written over the years.

Anyways, thought I’d share the ones that I did find. Now mind you, I wrote these years ago so they aren’t that great or long, and not all of them are from my life but from what I saw in other people’s lives also. (Sorry, not all of them have titles)

Sad and alone,
Right to my very bone.
Hurt Me
You hurt me like a dart,
one that’s gone right through my heart.
Fight, Life
I have a terrible, lonely life,
So much to where I’m giving up the fight.
The sound of rain as it falls,
and of feet as they pace the halls,
She feels caged up and bored,
but in her heart she is happy and has soared!
People going to and fro,
so which way do I go?
I wish I had someone by my side,
as the love of my life and my guide.

(here’s a different variation of the poem above…)

My love will never end,
even with our ups and downs and crazy bends,
Things going to and fro,
not knowing which way to go,
I’m thankful to have have you by my side,
As the love of my life, and my guide.
Pain in My Heart
Will I ever get over it? 
Will I ever be free from the hurt and pain you gave me?
I want to get through this stormy sea,
But every time I hear your name it’s like an anchor weighing me down,
And my cry’s can’t be heard over the thunder’s sound.
When I talk with or of you my heart leaps, 
But I remember you love another and it falls deep,
What ever it takes I promise not to get between you,
No matter what my heart wants to do.
For I know what it’s like when your heart is blown away,
And your special someone is gone before you know what to say.

Here are a couple poems that I wrote not long ago, for one of the stories I’m working on.

I thought we’d always be friends,
now I wonder if it’ll ever end.
You said you love me,
yet you hurt me daily.
What is it that makes you want me?
Why won’t you lave me be?
I have broken free, 
yet you still haunt me,
Lurking in the shadows,
you won’t let me go,
I have found someone who cares,
Someone who treats me fair.

I hope you enjoyed these! Please lemme know what you think. 🙂

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