Okay so it’s been close to a month since I last wrote a post about what’s goin on round here. Gideon has been getting up earlier then he use to (8 instead of 10) so that means I don’t really get a lot of time in the morning anymore to write or anything like that.

Not much new is going on really, earlier this month I got my last three wisdom teeth taken out (I’m really glad they are finally out, they were such a pain. The last days before they came out I was eating only soft food because I could hardly chew.), Mr. K is getting ready to start a new position at his job, he’s can’t wait to start it; he says it’ll (hopefully) be less stress full. 🙂 And Gideon is growing and has allergies again. When he had his Dr Check up he was 25lbs 32in tall (2′ 8″) and his head was 18in. For the past few days he’s been eating a lot but not sleeping well, though I’m sure if it’s like all the other growth spurts he’ll eat for a few days then sleep a lot for a few days. And the other day we had to take Mr. K to the ER; thankfully he’s doing a lot better but it was hard to see him in so much pain.

As far as my writing goes, I’m sad to say it’s not getting a lot as well as I hoped it’d be. 😦 Every time I open it up to try and continue it all I can seem to do is stare at the screen and drum my fingers on the keyboard. It’s so nerve wracking! I’ve come up with at least two new book ideas but I can’t seem to move on with the ones I’m working on and it’s about to drive me nuts.

Well at least one story I can kinda move on with but it’s only because I wrote and finished it a few years ago and I’m just moving it from paper to the computer. The only thing that stops me sometimes is I have to fix up a few areas and get stumped sometimes; and I still have like 50+ pages to go on that thing. sigh But hey other then that writing seems to be doing okay, I’ve got about a new paragraph written in two of the stories since about a month ago. rolls eyes 😛 Maybe I need to switch from screen and keyboard to pencil and paper, maybe that’ll help me…if my toddler doesn’t get to it before I have a chance to put it on the computer. -_- 🙂

Honestly Gideon does have his moments but for the most part he’s a pretty good Toddler knock on wood while crossing fingers, he likes to help me clean, and loves taking care of the dishwasher, even tries to take care of his dog sometimes. 🙂

One of my brothers passed his test and is joining the Army, he’s been sworn in and everything and in May he’ll be leaving for Boot Camp. We are so proud of him! 😀 First a friend of mine joined, then my oldest Brother in Law, then my Cousin, and now my Brother…seems like almost everyone I know is joining the Army (well and my oldest sister’s Fiance is in the Navy). It’s kinda bittersweet…sure I’m proud of them and what they’re doing but I still worry and really pray that they all come home safely. 🙂

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