6-7 months and pregnant again! 😁


Due to not having a working laptop, and having a very active toddler on my hands, and well spending time with my wonderful family its been about 7 months since I’ve written anything on here. I’ve kept up a little with my story writing and stuff but just haven’t put anything up.

The biggest thing that’s new in our home is I’m pregnant with baby boy #2 😁 👣💜 I’m due the beginning of June and can’t wait to meet him.🚼 So far he’s already a very active baby who loves his space. Haha! I love feeling him move around. 💜 👣

We’ve also bought a new vehicle this month. A mini van that’ll fit both car seats and still have plenty of room for road trips and whatever else we do. 🙂 And technically its my first vehicle so that’s pretty awesome! Even its nothing like I pictured my first vehicle being. 😜 We traveled up to Missouri to buy it, meaning I got to see my family which was awesome! Last time I got to see them was for Thanksgiving, and thankfully my brother who is in the Army was also visiting so I got to see him as well. 🙂 The night before we came back home it snowed 6 inches, which was our first time seeing snow this winter, Gideon loved it and so did Knightly. :mrgreen: ⛄❄

Hanukkah was wonderful this year/past year, Gideon loved being able to help light the candles. He was always sure too remind us to do it each night,  and he wasn’t every happy when it was over. 

I’ll try to get on more but I’m not going to promise anything 😛 I hope and pray everyone is having a good 2015 year so far :mrgreen:
Until next time. 🙋









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