‘You’re gonna miss this’


“You’re gonna miss this, you’re gonna want this back. You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t flown by so fast.”

This is something I remind myself often. With having a toddler and a baby and trying to keep up with the house and meal, I sometimes forget what matters most. And that’s these precious moments with my family, the big hugs from little arms, sloppy kisses, genuine smiles and grins that light up their faces, and laughter that fills the whole house. ❤ Soon they won't need mommy to kiss it to make it feel better, or want to be tickled or run around the house laughing at the little things.
Having another baby has shown me just how much my little boy has grown and just how much my little baby will grow.
They definitely don't stay little forever, no matter how much we want or try.
So even though I feel like I'm going insane some days, or how much I'm tired or run down at times, I wouldn't want my life any other
way. God has blessed me so much, and I'm so thankful, especially for the little things.




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