4 Years Together and My New Toy!


So Matt and I’s 4th anniversary was on Thursday 😀 he surprised with breakfast in bed from Whataburger, then on Sunday (since he worked Thursday night we had to wait until Sunday) we went on a mini date (without the kids!). First he had to get fitted for a tuxedo (he’s gonna be a groomsmen at my little brothers wedding… gasp! My brother is getting married! O.O it’ll be my first time- and probably only time- to see my husband in a tux, can’t wait!), then went to Best Buy and he surprised me and let me pick out a camera (it is amazing! I’ll try and post pictures from it later),


I got a Canon PowerShot SX530  and I love it! Next we went to Logan’s road house for lunch-


Sirloin Melt! Mouth watering!


Handshaken Raspberry sweet tea in a mason jar! Best tea I've ever had


He didn't want his picture taken 🙂

it was absolutely fabulously delicious! Then went to Bass Pro, he got a string loader for his bow and I got some ammo for my gun. We then slowly made our way back home and to my in-laws to pick up the boys where we enjoyed some dinner and watched the cowboys game (they actually won! ).
All in all it was a really good weekend! 😀
I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us not only as a couple but as a family too.


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