Life as of now…


There’s so much on my mind, and yet so little.

I’ve been working on a story for NaNo, it’s coming along kinda slow but I’m getting there.  Met a new friend on the NaNo website who’s been working on a story as well, though he’s gotten a lot further with his. Haha. Its nice to have someone keep you somewhat focused on working on writing. 😛

Gideon and Calian are still growing so much, and it looks like Calian is finally cutting some teeth (he’s been teething for almost 2 months now, but the teeth are taking their time), which would explain his crabby-ness lately too. Gideon is literally a bundle of energy that seems to be able to run all day and still have enough energy to stay up until 10pm! O.O Between Calian getting up round 730 each morning, me not being able to fall asleep until about 12 at night and still waking up round every 2-3 hrs to nurse, I’ve been very tired lately. z_z

Matt changed shifts and positions so he works different hours now, we are still trying to get use to it completely but it’s been really nice to have him home extra 😀

Thanksgiving is in a couple days (YaY!), though since we are doing dinner at my in laws we had our own turkey Sunday night. It was our first time doing one together, I loved cooking with Matt! ❤ Though we still have stuff to learn on cooking the turkey good 😛 haha.

We have a leaky roof we are trying to fix, and a big hole in our ceiling (thanks to the leak) that will be getting fixed next, and Matt (with the help of his dad) fixed an outlet that was having issues. Other then that we are still enjoying the house and wonderful yard. 🙂 and Gideon still loves looking at the train as it goes by.  Trying to stay warm, Texas has actually been getting some cold weather for once! O.O 

My youngest brother got married!! And my other brother is getting married this weekend (I’m gonna miss in 😥 cries )!! And my sister (finally) got a boyfriend! 😀 so happy for my siblings! Though it is making me feel old o.O haha  miss them all very much! And it’s official, each of my siblings are in different states, sisters-Oregon and Missouri and brothers- Kentucky and Nebraska. Might have to start thinking about planning family reunions! 😉


About NM Kay

A 20-something stay at home mom of 2 wonderful boys <3 I love music, writing, reading, sports, and the outdoors. :) I'm also a sacred name Christian that believes in and follows the bible. I'm married to the most amazing man, and I love him with all of my heart! <3

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