Too Early


Yesterday the boys slept in until almost 11, it was wonderful, and it felt great to get a little extra sleep. But sadly they both went to bed early last night which meant that they’d be up early today. Like before 8am early -_- honestly I don’t know how I use to get up this early when I was younger. I didn’t even go to bed that late last night either, 11-1130. Is this what it feels like to get old? If so,I really don’t like it. 😛
Calian is almost 7 months, I’ve been kinda in denial that my baby is growing so much, that I haven’t totally started him on solids yet. He’s had some bananas and apples and mashed potatoes but that’s about it. He’s still breastfeeding great which I’m proud of. With Gideon I had dried up on one side at 4 months and by 6 months the other side was dried up as well  and I had to switch him to formula, so it makes me happy that I’m still able to nurse Calian at 7 months. 🙂 Matt thinks I’m crazy to take pride in that but I know other nursing moms would understand. 🙂
I got to visit my parents last weekend, my youngest brother and his new wife also got to come visit and I got to see my younger sister and my other sister in law as well! 😀 It was great seeing them all again! It had been at least 2 months since I saw everyone. O.O Now just need to plan to see my older sister and my other brother 😛 🙂
While we were up there, we went to watch the new Star Wars. It was awesome! 😀 And sad. 😦 I wasn’t big into star wars until watching Dr Who, but I’m very happy they were able to bring the original cast in for this movie. 🙂


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