Farewell July

Farewell July

​July has officially ended,  I’d like to say YaY and that I can finally relax but not totally…yet. Though I’ll definitely be taking it easy a little, or at least I’ll try to, Haha. 

For my writing project in July I wrote 32k words (the most I’ve ever written in a month before, so that is exciting!) But it’s not done, though I will be taking a break from it for at least this month so I can hopefully edit and completely finish my short story from May (cause that’d be awesome!). If I can get it done then I’m thinking about putting it on Amazon. excitement 

With also having had a few birthdays in July and the 4th of July I think all In all it was a really great month! 😀 I’m really looking forward to this month and September! 🙂

Thanks goes to my amazing husband who encouraged me as I tried to push myself to get all those words wrote! I love you sweetie! ❤

Also to the other writers in my group for Camp NaNo, it was great to have y’all as writing companions this past month! 


Gideon is 4 years old as of two days ago. He’s growing up so fast! 😦 We took him to the Lake and he got a bunch of Ninja Turtle stuff which he absolutely loved! 😀 


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