Shattered TearDrops

Shattered TearDrops

The intro for a story I have been working on for the past couple years…..let me know what you think!

Who are we? We are what are left of the human race, we may live on Earth but we do not live by Mother Nature anymore.

  Humans were populating too much, there was not enough room for us all and where there was room the government was in control and there was war and suffering everywhere.

  Soon sickness and disease came and almost all the nations were wiped out; so few were left. Some say it was the Government, some say it was the homeless and beggars, other’s say Mother Nature was mad at us for what we were doing to her planet, no one really knows for sure though.

  Natural disasters were hitting every continent destroying cities, burying small towns, coastlines disappearing into the oceans.

 Therefore, to save the rest of us that were left, some of the top scientists of the world got together and decided to build an island that we could all live on, an island in the middle of the ocean far away, from where we all came from.

 In addition, to keep us safe we could no longer live by Mother Nature, she no longer controls weather, time or seasons; we are told it is so we do not have to suffer again at the hands of unexpected storms or natural disastrous. Our leaders control it all, though in the land that we live we do not experience all the seasons together through the year either; they separated the land into sections for each individual season instead. Spring at the center, the very heart of our New Nation, Summer surrounds it, Fall was at the North and South ends of Summer, Winter just pass the northern and southern parts of Fall and the eastern and Western seas  surround us on all sides .

 War is a forgotten thing as well, criminals (those who are apprehended) are dealt with harshly, and the Peace Corp helps those that are in need- caring for the old and the young, the rich and the poor alike.      Sounds almost perfect does it not?

It is not… Sadly. We still do have criminals who evade the law, and there are Peace Corp Officers who try to take advantage of their power. Rich still want to be distant of the poor, and the young still think they know more than what the old could teach; not all but still a good amount if you looked closely enough. Our laws are not much better either, we are no longer allowed to grow our own foods, only certain people that our leaders elect are allowed to grow the foods we need; same goes for hunting and fishing. Everything is controlled. We are not allowed to use natural resources such as Solar, Wind or Water Power either, only the cities and specially selected people are able to do that. Families of class also have to be mindful of their actions because one wrong step could cause an up-roar that usually did not end well.

Over the years though a secret group of people have formed, calling themselves-Sulani- they oppose almost everything our Leaders say; trying to free us from under their powerful reign. So that even though we may not be perfect we could still learn to live for ourselves and to care for the planet once again; to be free of fear, and to not have every detail of our life controlled by someone else more smart or powerful.

 There is a telling that a day will come, when we are ready, we will find a way to be free again; to be able to live back in our home nations that we have forgotten so long ago. That our Ancestors- the original leaders of our nation –left behind something great and powerful that could help us achieve the dream they had for us of a new world. That, hopefully, when that day came not only would we be ready but the outside world as well; that the planet has finally been able to heal and be able to support us once again. The Sulani say it should have happened centuries ago, but the Leaders do not want to give up their power and have twisted it so much it has now become a myth.

That is where our story lays, between finding the truth within a myth, to help free the human race.

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