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Insomnia thoughts


What to talk about? … for some reason, I never really know what to write on my blog. I open the app to write a post but most the time I just stare at the bright screen not sure of the words that I should put. Knowing that everything I write and publish in here is read not only by family and friends but strangers too.
What if I offend someone? Or if something I say is understood wrong? Or my Faith gets questioned because I don’t explain something right? Or worse, I say something wrong and gives people the wrong idea not just of me and my family but of God as well? Am I sharing too much of my life? Should I pretend everything seems to be rainbows in my life just so it doesn’t seem like I’m complaining about it? Even though I know I’m truly blessed.

How does anyone ever really know what to say?

There have been so many topics I’ve wanted to tall about but haven’t for fear of being misunderstood.
I am a young mind after all what do I know? Right?
Why cause the drama?
Its probably just a single small voice in the minority group against the mighty voice of the majority group, right?
What difference will it make?


But think about this… if I don’t speak up, who will? If the minority started to get quieter voice by voice there won’t be anyone to stand up against the majority, no one to try and stand up for what they think is right. And that, my dear friend, will be a sad day.

Why should I be afraid when they aren’t? They won’t even bat an eye to speak their minds, we shouldn’t either. But so many of us do….. why?

Why do we continue to let them tell us how to live? What to except or not except?
America has become a very sad country to live in.
We mourn over the 50 people killed in a shoot out yet hardly ever give a second thought to the millions of babies murdered through abortion every day.
We will imprison someone for buying or selling marihuana but we let rapists and pedophiles go free.
We support people who lie and cheat to be our leaders.
We give perverts free passes into opposite gender bathrooms just so gays know they are welcomed into either one.
We give rich raises while our own military struggle to make ends meet and still have to take a pay cut.
We want to bring in refugees while our own people struggle and are homeless on the streets.
We want to pay the person flipping the burger more than the one who saves your life.
We encourage sex, yet when a teenager gets pregnant we wonder why.
We are told to welcome other people and religions openly but ban the bible and prayer because it offends one person.
We blame objects or victims  for a crime instead of the criminal themself.
We ban natural things and are told to encourage chemicals in our food.
We protect animals and criminals more than we protect our own born  and unborn children.
We forsake God in everything we do, even though he used to be the cornerstone of our lives,  Country.
We throw prayer and bible out of schools but give it in prisons to try and help the men and women there.

Why America?
Why did we let this happen? Because we are stupid idiots that’s why! We ignore God and everything goes south from there.
Its sad.

Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

They follow blindly, like sheep to the slaughter.

I always pray for our country, but I fear we have reached a day where it is too far gone. Now I pray for us as individuals, that it won’t be too late for some of us to wake up and realize what a mess we have become. That we can try to fix what we can, starting with our own hearts.


Remember the Fallen




Blasts ring,
Fear surges,
Bullets fly,
Courage strengthens,
A muted prayer,
From dirt covered lips,
Pain consumes,
Families remembered,
Warm blood flows,
Darkness invades,
Their Sacrifice,
For our Freedom.




Tears fall,
Gun blasts,
Black dress,
Sadness pierces,
A loved one lost,
Red rose placed,
A price paid,
Salute for the lost,
Red White and Blue,
A Folded flag,
Forever cherished,
Never forgotten.


(Both poems were wrote by me)

Children and Roadtrips


I am not going to totally enjoy it when Day Light Savings ends on Sunday! Lately (hopefully not jinxing myself here) Gideon has been sleeping in until close to 10am most mornings…I’ve been loving it!! 😀 A few hours of me time most mornings is great! But I think when Day Light Savings ends so will my ‘me time’ in the mornings. I know that probably sounds kinda selfish but I can’t help it. 😛 Don’t get me wrong I love spending time with my baby (and Husband when he’s home from work) but just to sit in bed, working on my stories or just surfing the net without having to worry bout someone getting into something or needing something or crawling all over me, its kinda nice. Even my cat doesn’t bother me, she just curls up next to me and sleeps. Though for the past few days I’ve been either sleeping in myself or when I do get up I don’t have much time so I’ll just play on my phone for a little before Gideon needs me to get him outta bed…plus he’s been getting up closer to 9am lately also. I think he’s been going to some growing spurts also, yesterday he was extra clingy to mommy, but that’s okay, I liked it. 🙂

He’s growing up so much, I wonder sometimes where my little baby went, now I’ve got a growing very active toddler, who’s just so cute, even when he does pout its its adorable and I sometimes have a hard time not laughing. 

I’d love to have another child again soon, but Mr. K thinks it’d probably be best if we waited a little while, which I understand and agree, though I do miss having a small baby around and to hold. Gideon would be an awesome big brother, I just know it. 🙂 

So next year we’re thinking on going on a small family road trip to somewhere we haven’t gone before, but also that’s not too far away. Just got to figure out where. I’ve been following this page on Facebook called Road Trips and they post a lot of interesting places that are right here in America. So maybe we’ll find one that’s close to us and go there. 🙂 Thinking maybe Kentucky, or Arkansas, or maybe Louisiana, not sure yet, but I bet it’ll be lots of fun! 😀