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Daily prompt: Empty


I had love,
Happiness could’ve been ours,
You pretended and lied,
Covering a hatred you held,
Now your secret is out,
You can no longer hide,
My death you seek,
Cold betrayal I feel,
I try to cover the pain,
As you take me away,
Leaving me to rot,
Wondering how I did not see,
Knowing there’s little hope left,
You killed my friend,
I am alone,
Nothing but emptiness as company.

N.K 6/2016



DPchallenge: Leave your shoes at the door


Daily Post Weekly Challenge

Split perspectives: For the fabulous flash fiction experts, let’s see all the angles of your story. Write a couple of paragraphs from one vantage point, and then turn the tables — and walk in the shoes of another character. Tell us the same story from their view.

Her breath came in gasps, sweat started to bead at her brow; fear gripped Ziva’s heart, as her legs began to give away. How much longer could she run?  “I’m coming for you!” He yelled, she looked around trying to find somewhere to hide, he had found her where she worked at Peaceful Garden Nursery and Corn Maze, they weren’t open today so no one else was there, she was just there to water plants and organize the flowers. She was currently in the corn maze, she knew this maze like the back of her hand, and that not far to left was the Nursery building, to her left was an abandoned building and to the back and the surrounding sides of the Nursery and the abandoned building was the woods. Pulling out her phone she quickly pushed redial to whoever she had talked to last which looked like Mikey, her long time friend and crush. “Hey Ziva! what’s…” she cut him off, “Mikey help! Please he’s after me, and is trying to kill me.” she rushed in a harsh whisper, as the tears rolled down her face

Mikey’s heart seemed to have stop for a second as the words Ziva said echoed through his mind. “Wait what? Where are you and who’s he?” “I’m at work, in the corn maze, at its Jim.” He knew little of Jim, other then he was her ex-Boyfriend and that he was a nut job. Mikey ran to the door of his house grabbing his truck keys as he went by the coffee table. Anger and Fear rushed through his veins, If that man so much as hurts a hair on her body… His thoughts trailed off as he heard someone yelling in the background “I’ll kill you!” he heard making him run even quicker to his truck, he started his truck and peeled out of the driveway,  “I’m on my way right now, I’ll be there as soon as I can, just leave your phone on.”

“Ok” Ziva replied before moving the phone from her ear. Jim was her ex-boyfriend  from last year, they had dated for three years when she lived in Nevada, she broke up because he was becoming to controlling and aggressive; he had taken the break up really hard even had started to stalk her, and that’s when she moved back to her hometown in Alabama, she hadn’t really talked much about where she was from, so she hoped and prayed he wouldn’t follow. She guessed that he had found out what town she was from. Jim called out again, “I loved you, and you left me for this dump.” “No you loved controlling me!” She answered back, before running in the the opposite direction. He sounded drunk so he was also making a lot of noise making it easy for her to know where he was at. As she rounded a corner she found a Pitch Fork that was stick out of a hay bale, they sometimes put hay bales out so people can take a break. She picked up the Fork hoping that she wouldn’t have to use it but figured she’d rather be safe then sorry.  She was close to the back of the maze so she decided to head for the trees; lifting the phone to her ear again she said “I’m headed to the trees that are at the back of the maze, Mikey.” “Ok…” before he finished his sentence the phone was swatted from her hand.

Jim had peeked around a corner and saw her standing there with her back towards him. He took a second to look at her, she was still so beautiful just like when he had last seen her. Remembering the last time he had seen her face to face  which was when she had left him, brought back all that anger and hate and hurt that she had brought to him. He quietly walked up behind her as she put her phone to her ear, she was talking into it, when he reached her he slapped the phone away and into the next row. Grabbing her hair he pulled her back and around to him.

Ziva let out a scream as Jim pulled her hair to make her come close to him.  “Hello Baby, why you running from me?” he muttered in her ear, his voice dripping like poisonous honey with the smell of liquor. “Let go of me, you dog.” She bit back trying to push him away, but he just jerked her head around and wrapped his right arm around her. She felt the knife he held in his right hand begin to dig into her side.

“Now now that’s no way to talk to your boyfriend.”Jim replied, anger boiling up inside of him. He wanted to make her suffer before killing her for what she had done to him, yet another side of him wanted nothing more then the hold her him his arms and spend the rest of their lives together. “Please don’t fight me baby, I love you and I don’t want to hurt you. Can’t we just move on and you can come back and live with me? I promise I won’t hurt you, I just want you in my life.” he said moving his fingers through her hair. He always liked her hair, it was silky, long and as Golden as the Sun; and her eyes as blue as the sky and as deep as the ocean, he could stay lost in those beautiful eyes forever.

Chills went up Ziva’s spine as Jim looked into her eyes with his dark ones, for a moment she could almost see the love in them but it disappeared as something else began to fill his eyes. There was no way to really describe what she could see in his eyes, just that they seemed so empty and evil, like they thirst for something that they couldn’t have. She wanted nothing more then to spit in his face and run for her life but she wasn’t sure how much longer she could run. She just hoped Mikey would get there soon.

Mikey raced down the road using his police radio that he had in his truck he radioed back to the station. “Hey Dina this is Mikey, I’ve got a situation can you send a car to the Peaceful Garden Nursery and Corn Maze out on Hwy 18? There’s a woman being attacked by a man who may be armed.” “Sure Mikey, I’m sending one out there right now closest one is about 10 minutes away.” “Thanks, I’m about 4 minutes from there, and I won’t be waiting for back-up.” “I’ll tell them to hurry, be careful.” I’m coming Ziva, hold on.

“Jim, I’d love to go with you, but I can’t. I’ve got a job and family who are counting on me right now.” Ziva fibbed trying to stall him until Mikey got there. “My mom isn’t doing well and had to go to the hospital the other day, and with Dad gone and all my siblings over seas at the moment, I’m the only one who can take care of her. And the Jim I know wouldn’t be selfish enough to just take me from my family, would you?” she said trying to put a little sadness in her eyes. The knife that was poking into her seemed to give a little, she could feel the blood begin to drip down her side. She gave a slight sigh. Then something changed in his eyes, and he jammed the knife deep into her side, sharp pain shot through her body as he held the knife tight against her side.

Blood began to flow from her body and over his hand, it felt warm and yet cool at that same time. Twisting his fingers once again through her hair he pulled her in, “this Jim is different!” he hissed before placing his lips on her.

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Honestly, I’m not sure what to write today… I thought of doing today’s Daily Prompt (http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/daily-prompt-you/) but I’m not sure if I really have a Reputation. I could have done the Photographer or Poets way (“Show us YOU”) but I wasn’t sure how to describe myself in photos or a Poem.

So here I am just rambling ’cause I just really don’t know what to write. I guess right now I should be working on my Stories but I figured since I haven’t written on here in a while, I probably should.

The other day I found a story I had written back when I was about 14 years old, it was one of the only stories that I’ve written that is actually finished-well at least the first draft of it is. I read over it, and marked all the areas that needed fixing or more details, so now I’m trying to get it from Paper and onto the computer while also adding the changes at the same time…yea it’s been a slow process. 😛 I’ll give you one hint what its about…Cowboys and Indians!! 😀

When I finally do get it all typed out I might most it on here, not sure yet, we’ll see what I feel like doing when I get it done (its like 60 pages on Word and I’m only on page 3/4).

On another note, we’ve been looking at houses and we did find one that’s below our price range that we kinda like the only thing is…is it’s a fixer upper (BIG time).


 Like it needs new walls, kitchen needs to be redone, probably along with the bathroom, siding needs to be finished put up, doors need to be replaced, windows need to be fixed, and the floor might even need some work. They did just redo the plumping, electric, and put on a new roof so we wouldn’t have to do those, but with everything else, we’re definitely not sure yet. Our lease doesn’t go up until May so we’ll be doing a lot of praying that God sends us the right one, and if it is this house we will be getting we’re having some friends who are experienced in this stuff take a look at it to see if its worth it. 🙂 I’m just hoping and praying, that we’ll find one that we love and fits us as a family. 🙂

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Daily Prompt: Random Act of Kindness


Tell us about the time when you performed a secret random act of kindness — where the recipient of your kindness never found out about your good deed. How did the deed go down?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SECRET.”

Okay to be honest, I don’t know if any of my ‘Acts of Kindness’ were ever kept a secret from the recipient, and even if I did try to keep it a Secret from them, they probably still found out either from a friend or my family (sometimes its very hard to keep a secret with close friends). So today I’ve decided to do poems instead. Though the first one has nothing to do with kindness.

Know my Secret

Shh, they’ll hear,

Hearts gripped with fear,

Sweat beading at the brow,

They had to get out, but how?

Who’s idea was this?

Stop complaining, he hiss’d.

Keys clanked on wood,

They fell right where they should,

He grabbed them off the ground,

Glancing around,

Door swung open,

He counted to ten,

He kept this secret to long,

 He had enough of being treated wrong,

It was his turn,

Captain had to burn,

What’s going on?

I’m no longer your pawn.

It’s my secret you see,

This here is a Mutiny!

By: Natalie K 12/20/13

Secret Love

I’ve seen you aroun’,

You act happy on the outside,

But I know on the inside you feel down,

You can’t hide,

You don’t notice me,

Even though I’ve made you smile,

I like you don’t you see,

You leave your feelings in a pile,

Remember when you had nothing,

You thought you had no friends,

But then you got something,

You thought you’d just put it all to an end,

Then with one act of kindness you felt love,

You thought it was another,

When it is I who am sent for you from above,

Maybe be someday you’ll know its me and we’ll be together.

By: Natalie K. 12/20/13


It’s December O.O


“Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.” 

I don’t know about y’all but for me, this year has really flown by way too fast! And when I think about how much my son has grown over the past year, makes me almost want to cry. He’s getting so big, and there are times I just want to hold him and not let go, I don’t want him to grow up too fast, but I know that there is nothing I can do about it. Just like there was nothing my parents could do about me growing up, its just part of life and we just need to cherish every moment we can with our loved ones.

I mean, I remember when my youngest brother was born, and now in just a little over 20 days he’s going to be 17 years old!!

OMG!!!! The twins are going to be almost TWENTY in a little over a year!! (HAHA…you two are soon going to know how it feels not to be a teen!! 😛 )

Other then everyone getting old and growing up so fast, 2013 has really been a great year! 🙂 Gideon turned one, and started saying mama and dada, he’s walking (almost running) around a lot,  Mr. K and I are doing great, haven’t lost any loved one (I pray for those who have lost loved ones this year, I know it’s not easy, probably especially now that the Holidays are here).

I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us! 😀 Maybe…just maybe…we’ll let a house, if not though, living in the apartment isn’t that bad and it fits all of us just fine. 🙂

We’ve also been getting some good Winter weather lately here in Texas, which is surprising seeing how last year we didn’t get any good cold winter weather until like the end of December or beginning of January. Gideon had his first Hot Cocoa, and he loved it! 🙂 He didn’t like it when mommy had to take it away because it was all gone. I was a little surprised that he like it though, cause usually he doesn’t like a lot of sweets or much chocolate (he gets that from me), but lately he’s been liking more and more chocolate things. He likes brownies and  M&Ms, when I pull out the M&Ms he’ll start doing this dance thing where he’ll march in place and sometimes flap his arms. It’s SOO Cute!! ..and funny. I tried videoing it the other day but my phone didn’t want to listen to me..go figure, I swear instead of calling it the smart phone it should really be called the stupid phone, just say’n. 😛

I forgot to mention in my other post the other day, that since I’m done with NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo, I’m going to try and pick back up on my other stories so I can update the one on here and on my other blog (wordsonapg.blogspot.com). I really feel bad for neglecting them and for also kinda forgetting about to post on the other blog more often. I’m thinking I should try to re-download the app for my phone for it, so it’s easier to post. Hopefully they’ve fix some of the things that was messing it up. I’m also really hoping by next November that I’ll have finished the three stories I have going on right now, and that I’ll do way better at both NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo, we shall see though, you never know what could happen in a year, right?

I really hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday Season,  we do Hanukkah not XMas, and it’s been really great so far. Gideon likes to watch when we light the candles every night, on the first night, he liked the candles so much that he walked right up to the menorah which was on a small table under the TV (which by-the-way, Daddy was stand over) grabbed it and walked off with it without Daddy really realizing that he had taken it. The only reason I knew he had it was because he had put it on the floor by our recliner and the light from the candles was shining off of the side of the chair. Thankfully he didn’t burn himself or set anything on fire. 🙂 But we now keep it up on the Dining Table out of his reach just in case.

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A Life to Choose


Just thought I’d let y’all know that I’ve added another chapter to my book on here. You can click on the link ‘Chapter 2’ under the tab ‘My Book-A Life to Choose’

What I have so far posted isn’t the whole Chapter but I figured I’d post what I have for now and when I get more written I’ll post it, and let y’all know. 🙂

Sorry for the delay…


Hey y’all…. I just want to say sorry its taking so long to get the next part of my story up. When on the camping trip I didn’t really work on it at all so I’m try to play catch-up, and try to get through some writers block as well. As soon as I get some more written I’ll post it, I promise. I just might take a little longer then I’d like it too.

Again I’m sorry it taking so long!!

Daily Prompt: Bookworm


I’m running, swimming, dancing,

I see Murders, Creatures, and Princes, 

I’m in a different world,

A world among that are only on the pages of a book,

I can feel their pain, I can smell the rain, 

I can hear the ocean or a sad woman’s cry.

When in the pages of a book, 

I can be whoever I want,

To be in a world that seems to have no end 

It gives a new meaning to freedom, power, imagination, and romance.

That’s what I see in a book, 

Where anything is possible .

By: Natalie Klopfenstein


Texas Weather..and bits of random


Here I was thinking that Missouri had Crazy weather, but this summer in Texas almost has me thinking other wise!

Take today for an example… this morning it was raining, around one-ish it was really hot, then getting close to 5 it was raining and super hot outside, and now its like perfect temperature with just a little humidity.

Sure its giving me a headache and giving me a terrible hair day 😛 but hey, I’m actually kinda enjoying it right now. The Baby is a sleep and in bed so its just the husband and I sitting out here on the porch enjoying so good time together…alone…well okay other then the occasional neighbor that walks by, or the grasshoppers that keep flying at me. 😉


Not sure if it’s shown, but I posted the first ‘chapter’ of my book, its a separate page under the Page ‘Life to Choose’. Please, if there’s anything wrong or if you have any suggestions, comment and let me know. I’m still kind of new to the whole writing thing so I’m not that great and sometimes my fingers aren’t as fast at typing as my brain thinks. And if the story seems to be moving to slow or gets confusing, let me know so I can fix it. Thanks! I love to hear what y’all think of it, and my blog! 😀 I’m working on the next part of the book now, just having some problems with writers block but as soon as I’m finished with the next chapter I’ll post it and let y’all know. 🙂


My Mom is coming to visit soon! I can’t wait to see her, first my lil sister and now my mom, and then after she stays with us  for a little while we are taking her back up to Missouri and I’ll get to see the rest of my Family and hopefully some friends. 🙂 I’ll also get to meet my Little brother’s first and new Girlfriend, (he’s growing up too fast! Not cool, dude). It’ll be good to see everyone again. 🙂 

OH! And it’ll all be mostly around my birthday! I’m going to be 20 (but shh don’t tell ;). And as my Husband says, It’s About Time!! lol But hey, I’ve enjoyed my teen years, I Got engaged and graduated at 17, got married and had a baby at 18, and at 19…well I got pregnant again but miscarried, sadly, 😦 but other then that, just living the married and mommy life, and it’s been AWESOME!! 🙂

Fiction Story


I’m no famous or wonderful writer but I do enjoy writing or at least start writing a story every so often. Sometimes it can be a great way to let off some steam or when I’m confused about something and can’t think straight.

Its just so amazing how lots you can get in the world of a fiction book/story. Like, you can be anybody you want to be either the Hero or the person being saved by the Hero, or a Major Detective solving a crime, or someone who can ride dragons or a wonderful actor going famous down Broadway! Or if you don’t like to be in the story you can think of yourself as the narrator. 🙂

Anything could happen between the covers of a book. When you write the story, anything is possible if you just let your mind go.

But anywho…I was think about maybe starting a story right here on this blog, but I thought I’d ask y’all if that’d be something you’d be interested in reading. I’d still post normal blog post but every-so-often I’d do a new post adding onto the story (maybe once a month). If I did start one, would y’all be interested in also helping decide on names of characters and what should happen next? Like I’d do a poll before/with each post for you to vote on names or what should happen next.
Just lemme know and VOTE on the two polls, and if y’all like the idea I’ll try and get it started August 1st. 🙂