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Daily prompt: Struggle


Struggles of a Night Nursing Baby
Good night my child,
May we sleep well,
A snack for you,
So we can sleep more,
How are you hungry?
You need to sleep,
Why scream and cry?
Mommy is here,
You have eaten from both sides,
Please go to sleep,
Are you cold or hot?
Tired or hungry?
Rocking or standing,
You still nurse while crying,
You are finally back asleep,
Please sleep more than two hours.
Why, my child, why?
Last night you nearly slept all night,
Shh, baby sleeping still,
Let’s rest more until he wakes,
Energy they have in abundant,
Coffee I need to keep up,
Daytime smiles and hugs,
Out weighs the sleepless night struggle. 💖


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Another night full of insomnia and voices :P


So once again, last night I had a terrible time being able to fall asleep. 😦 After a little while I gave in and just played on my phone until the battery almost died which was just before midnight. Mr. K had fallen a sleep hours before…so jealous btw. He could probably sleep through a tornado; it’s not fair. 😛

I thought for sure I’d be able to fall asleep then seeing as my eyes were heavy and I was well past being exhausted. But, NOPE! My brain just wouldn’t shut off, I don’t know how it is for y’all but when my brain won’t shut off it’s almost like it has it’s own mind and comes up with random things to think/talk about.

The main topic last night was that fixer upper house that Mr. K and I were looking at, I kept thinking of ways to fix it up and make it look good. And we don’t even know if we’re getting it yet. *sigh*


A whisper so soft,

It’s more like a thought,

‘Shh, will you be quiet?’

‘No, I just can’t stop’

‘Well try, I’d like some sleep’

Sleep, such a foreign thing

What is it? Is it Nice?

Close my eyes,

‘Oh, I forget to do that today’

I try to count sheep

‘Haha good luck’

1 sheep..

‘Instead of sheep, let’s think about dogs,’

‘No! I’m tired’

2 sheep

‘But dogs are so cute!’

3 sheep

‘Fine how about that house?’

‘oh now there’s a topic’

I shake my head

Why won’t they be quiet?

Clock reads almost midnight

‘We could do so much with the house’

‘I know, with a little paint here’

‘Cement there, brick here’

‘Don’t forget about the kitchen!’

‘Shut Up!’ chimes in the third voice

As I place my hands to my ears,

I roll over, tossing and turning,

I star at the ceiling,

My thumps twit-ling on their own,

 My eyes are heavy,

My Body weak and tired,

And yet sleep still won’t come,

‘Ha! You’re stuck with us!’

I roll my eyes, as I once again toss in bed

Closing my eyes,

I focus on the blackness,



‘Oh No! We’re loosing her!’

‘Let her go, we’ll get her tomorrow night’

I smile and the voices begin to dim

As sleep begins to take its hold.

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