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Photo challenge: Earth

Photo challenge: Earth

It's sideways sorry

Imagine if trees could tell us stories of what they have seen.


This week’s photo challenge is Earth. I’ve taken so many pictures of Nature around me that it’s hard for me to choose between them all. 😛 I love looking at God’s creation, it’s amazing what he has made. Its all so beautiful! 😀


Rain induced creek


His light will always shine through.

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Daily Prompt: SOS/Water


You’re at the beach, lounging on your towel, when a glistening object at the water’s edge catches your eye. It’s a bottle — and yes, it contains a message. What does it say?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WATER.

There’s the Message in the bottle:

Please find my family, Tell my wife, Iva, I love her and I always will; my son, Sammy, he can be brave and strong and I’m always looking out on the them. I’m sorry for not being there, but I’ll always be in their hearts. Don’t trust Frank, he’s the one who did this to me, he is taking me from you, and has turned his back on everything good in this world. This was written in April of 1940. Thank you to who ever finds this, I hope you can get this to my family, please give them a hug for me. Signed-  SGT Joe Hunter”

And here’s a poem (the two have nothing to do with the other):

Ocean Side

I sit along the water’s edge,

Watching the waves crash,

The smell of salt water fills the air,

The wind blows softly,

Causing my hair to caresses my face,

And chills run up my spine,

Water reaches out to me,

As another wave hits the sand,

Blue and green is the water,

Yet as the sunsets on the horizon,

Red, purple, pink, and orange,

 Shine in the sky and reflexes off the water,

White and blue are the waves,

As they seem to race towards me,

Water mist sprays in my face,

I can taste the salt on my lips,

The sound of the ocean,

Calming and peaceful as it sways with the wind,

Yet also almost angry when the waves collide,

Waves that seemed to control the ocean top,

Bigger ones over powering the smaller ones,

The ones further out seem so big and powerful,

Yet as it gets closer it’s powerful at times,

But also so giving and inviting,

As if calling out to me to join in their play,

 Dolphins jump in the distance,

I can faintly hear them playfully call out,

Seagulls fly above searching for their meal below,

I look up to the sky and see the moon,

Big and white as it begins to shine,

I move back a little ways,

As the waters try to reach for me again,

Behind me a little ways are trees,

Trees that lead up to a mountain,

Mountain that has a river running through it,

Through it and into the ocean,

To my left I see an older couple,

Holding hands as they walk along the beach,

I smile at the sight,

A blanket is placed around my shoulders,

I look up to see my Love,

He smiles and sits down beside me,

Our little one curled up in his arms sleeping,

Another wave crashes on the shore,

My heart beats move,

As I take in this moment,

Seeing the beauty that God has created,

And the beauty and love he has Blessed me with,

I lean and rest my head on his shoulder,

Closing my eyes I capture this moment,

This special moment,

Where everything seems perfect.


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Daily Prompt: Five Items


A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

Now it depends if it has to be single Items or if it could be like items filled with things.

These lists are for if I was stuck on the Island for a long time.

If only single items…

  1. Water purifier straw …should get the salty taste outta the water right??
  2. Satellite phone…with a fully charged battery please.
  3. Fishing line with a hook…if there’s no other source of food on the Island.
  4. A box of Waterproof matches
  5. My Husband!!! …that would be aloud right?? if not then a Large Dictionary.


If I can take items filled with things…

  1. My Husband….if can’t take him then a pic of my family
  2. 1 year Survival Pack
  3. Satellite Phone…fully charged battery
  4. A BIG box of books
  5. Flotation Devise


Not only would I wanna take Mr. K cause I love him and would miss him terribly but, he’s way more smarter at all the survival than I am! 😛 🙂 I would take a bible but I’ve got a lot of verses memorized plus I don’t want to feel tempted to use pages of it for fire starter, that’s why I chose a Dictionary.

My Deserted Island!!! O.O

If I was only going to be on the Island for a day or two… then I’d probably only take these things.

  1. Water Purifier
  2. Camera…with back up batteries
  3. Notebook and Pen..sound of the ocean makes me think and ponder things sometimes
  4. Knife with Fishing wire wrapped around the handle..just in case
  5. Waterproof Matches

If I could take Mr. K with me, then I’d take him in place of the Knife. 😉

Pics from camping


Back Home..


Well…We’ve been back home for a week now, and I can honestly say, I really miss being outdoors! Sure, I might like the city a little bit, but I’d prefer living in the country and only visiting the city every so often, just to see people and I love looking at the tall buildings (though sadly our city doesn’t have any Skyscrapers, those are an hour drive away…which Mr. K hates the big city so I just enjoy it here..sometimes). Anyways, as much as I don’t mind it being here that much, I definitely would love to have a house of our own out in the middle of nowhere. But sadly we are still unable to get ourselves a house so we are waiting for the right one to come along that we can really call ours. 🙂 I know God has it all under control, its just taking longer then some would like, we just got to stop worrying about it all and he’ll take care of it. 🙂


Anywho…. We had a total blast camping!! It did rain the first day we were there, so we spent most of our time that day in the tent trying to stay dry. 😛 After that though it was very nice weather, even if it got kinda cold at night most the time. Some friends of ours were there so we got to hang out with them a lot, we hadn’t seen them in awhile so it was really good seeing them! 😀 They even have a little one who is about Gideon’s age, and they were both getting into things together. 😉 Got to meet some new friends, and I got to learn some more Hebraic Dancing, that was a blast! I hadn’t done that in years, and I had forgotten most dances and steps so it was good and fun to learn it again, and more of it this time. 🙂

We did lots of walking around the park, and Gideon got way better at his walking also. Though he did have a little bit of trouble round our campsite since it was on a hill and there were lots of tree roots.

There were bible studies in the morning and Praise and Worship w/ Dancing at night. Most afternoons were free, or there would be dance lessons or Prayer meetings, and one day there was a canning lesson.


I don’t have any of the pictures on my computer but I’ll try and post some later from off my phone.  🙂

Sukkot and Camping


So Sukkot (Aka Feast of Tabernacles) is coming up in a couple weeks, Mr. K was able to take that time off from work so we’ll be camping out for the whole thing! It’s going to be lots of fun, now if I could only get started on getting things together for it, I’d feel a lot better about it. 😛 I’m terrible at procrastinating when it comes to things like this, just can’t help it sometimes.

Though I’m having a really hard time thinking of some good meals that I can either prepare beforehand, or will be easy to put together while camping and not having a kitchen. Sure I can do Eggs, potatoes and tortillas for breakfast every day, but that’d probably get old after a few days, plus I don’t want to have to worry about packing a lot of eggs. I should really see if they freeze well after being cooked…hmmm…….

My Husband has been looking forward to this for months, he’s totally ready to get out of the city for a little while… I think I definitely married a country boy 😉  I like it!

Hopefully someday soon we won’t have to wait months on end before goin on a good camping trip just to be in the great outdoors for longer then a day.