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Farewell July

Farewell July

​July has officially ended,  I’d like to say YaY and that I can finally relax but not totally…yet. Though I’ll definitely be taking it easy a little, or at least I’ll try to, Haha. 

For my writing project in July I wrote 32k words (the most I’ve ever written in a month before, so that is exciting!) But it’s not done, though I will be taking a break from it for at least this month so I can hopefully edit and completely finish my short story from May (cause that’d be awesome!). If I can get it done then I’m thinking about putting it on Amazon. excitement 

With also having had a few birthdays in July and the 4th of July I think all In all it was a really great month! 😀 I’m really looking forward to this month and September! 🙂

Thanks goes to my amazing husband who encouraged me as I tried to push myself to get all those words wrote! I love you sweetie! ❤

Also to the other writers in my group for Camp NaNo, it was great to have y’all as writing companions this past month! 


Gideon is 4 years old as of two days ago. He’s growing up so fast! 😦 We took him to the Lake and he got a bunch of Ninja Turtle stuff which he absolutely loved! 😀 


Daily Prompt: Water






I can push you out
Or pull you in,
When calm enough you see a reflection,
Raging I can cause a storm,
I float away when hot,
Yet harden like stone when Cold,
I can bring life,
As well as take it,
Strong to overcome stone,
Gently I can heal.




Daily post prompt: water

Daily prompt: Empty


I had love,
Happiness could’ve been ours,
You pretended and lied,
Covering a hatred you held,
Now your secret is out,
You can no longer hide,
My death you seek,
Cold betrayal I feel,
I try to cover the pain,
As you take me away,
Leaving me to rot,
Wondering how I did not see,
Knowing there’s little hope left,
You killed my friend,
I am alone,
Nothing but emptiness as company.

N.K 6/2016


May the fourth be with you

May the fourth be with you

Well it’s May,  (May the fourth be with you 😉 haha) my youngest turns a year at the end of the month. 😕 Its kinda giving me a bittersweet feeling. He’s growing up so fast, he’s got almost all 8 (4bottom and 4top) teeth in, he’s been walking assisted for a couple months or so now, and this past week he’s been trying to walk unassisted. Gideon was barely walking assisted when he turned a year, but I guess with having a bigger brother Calian strives to do more quicker. Gideon is loving having someone to play with (and to pick on), though I’m still trying to teach him he has to still be gentle until his brother gets older. I love watching them together, Calian loves to follow his brother while Gideon loves to chase him, they both laugh, it’s adorable, though also very loud, haha. Coffee has definitely been my life saver and fuel lately, the coffee machine that I got from my in laws when Mr.K and I got married is still working great and hasn’t let me down. 😀

We’ve had a lot of flooding and  tornadoes here in Texas this Spring and last Fall, our yard has become a moat a few times during the heavy rains. 😛 Even though I’m enjoying the rain and all I can’t wait for some sun! I’m going to be buying some ant killer since our yard is being taken over, so I can actually let the boys out to play without having to worry about them getting covered in ants. We could all really use the sun, I also miss the tan I use to have before apartment life.

Next month we are going on a kayak trip with some friends, I can’t wait! It’ll be up at beavers bend in Oklahoma. Hopefully the weather will be extra nice and warm. Its been two years since our last trip,  we’ve been trying to go once a year but last year two of us moms were 8+months pregnant or just had a baby so we figured we’d skip it. It’ll be an 11mile trip down river so it’ll be almost a whole day trip (last time we got done 2 or hours  early, we’ll see how we do this year). 

I’m still working on my photography  and actually have a few pictures for sale on a couple photo stock websites. (If you wanna check them out I’m on istock and fotolia) I don’t got a lot of pictures up but I’m working on it and still trying to get the hang of it, they are mainly moon, sunset and scenery pictures for now, but I enjoying taking them so guess that’s good. 🙂 I also got my own photography page on Facebook, N.K Photography, if you want to check out more of my pictures there. 🙂

I’m still working on my writing, haven’t done a lot but I do what o can during nap time. 🙂  I’ve got a few stories going, all of which are different from the other. I’ve got one set in a fantasy kind of land, another is what some people call steam-punk mixed with some sci-fi, another is modern day with FBI, and the other is set in a modern small town. I’m hoping to at least get one of these finished soon but we’ll see what happens. 😛 🙂  



Beginning of December


Well NaNo is officially over, but I still have a lot to do with my book. Sadly I didn’t get my 50k words in but I did do a lot better then I thought I would. 🙂 I’m hoping that what I did get done I’m at least half way done with my book, but we’ll see. Since most of the writing I did on paper I need to transfer it to the computer next to see where I’m at and how much more I need to do (I didn’t exactly write it all in order 😛 ), hopefully it’s not much.

I’m still loving my camera! I’ve even got some pretty cool pictures, if I do say so. 🙂 I’ll try and post some when I get the chance.

Calian is getting bigger by the day, he’s at 18.2 lbs and 27in setting him at the 75%-title for his age group. He’s only 6 months and is already mostly needing to wear 9m pants cause anything smaller won’t fit over his thighs (9m barely fit) and are usually too short. 😮

Gideon as usual is mostly just full of energy all day every day!  😰He loves to count and “read” 🙂 The other day he got to read to Calian, it was so adorable and made me smile.  😍



Okay so it’s been close to a month since I last wrote a post about what’s goin on round here. Gideon has been getting up earlier then he use to (8 instead of 10) so that means I don’t really get a lot of time in the morning anymore to write or anything like that.

Not much new is going on really, earlier this month I got my last three wisdom teeth taken out (I’m really glad they are finally out, they were such a pain. The last days before they came out I was eating only soft food because I could hardly chew.), Mr. K is getting ready to start a new position at his job, he’s can’t wait to start it; he says it’ll (hopefully) be less stress full. 🙂 And Gideon is growing and has allergies again. When he had his Dr Check up he was 25lbs 32in tall (2′ 8″) and his head was 18in. For the past few days he’s been eating a lot but not sleeping well, though I’m sure if it’s like all the other growth spurts he’ll eat for a few days then sleep a lot for a few days. And the other day we had to take Mr. K to the ER; thankfully he’s doing a lot better but it was hard to see him in so much pain.

As far as my writing goes, I’m sad to say it’s not getting a lot as well as I hoped it’d be. 😦 Every time I open it up to try and continue it all I can seem to do is stare at the screen and drum my fingers on the keyboard. It’s so nerve wracking! I’ve come up with at least two new book ideas but I can’t seem to move on with the ones I’m working on and it’s about to drive me nuts.

Well at least one story I can kinda move on with but it’s only because I wrote and finished it a few years ago and I’m just moving it from paper to the computer. The only thing that stops me sometimes is I have to fix up a few areas and get stumped sometimes; and I still have like 50+ pages to go on that thing. sigh But hey other then that writing seems to be doing okay, I’ve got about a new paragraph written in two of the stories since about a month ago. rolls eyes 😛 Maybe I need to switch from screen and keyboard to pencil and paper, maybe that’ll help me…if my toddler doesn’t get to it before I have a chance to put it on the computer. -_- 🙂

Honestly Gideon does have his moments but for the most part he’s a pretty good Toddler knock on wood while crossing fingers, he likes to help me clean, and loves taking care of the dishwasher, even tries to take care of his dog sometimes. 🙂

One of my brothers passed his test and is joining the Army, he’s been sworn in and everything and in May he’ll be leaving for Boot Camp. We are so proud of him! 😀 First a friend of mine joined, then my oldest Brother in Law, then my Cousin, and now my Brother…seems like almost everyone I know is joining the Army (well and my oldest sister’s Fiance is in the Navy). It’s kinda bittersweet…sure I’m proud of them and what they’re doing but I still worry and really pray that they all come home safely. 🙂

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I was cleaning out our closet the other day and came across a poem I had written probably sometime between the ages of 14 and 16. That got me to looking for some more of the poems I had written. I found some, but not all of them, I know somewhere I have a notebook full of poems I had written over the years.

Anyways, thought I’d share the ones that I did find. Now mind you, I wrote these years ago so they aren’t that great or long, and not all of them are from my life but from what I saw in other people’s lives also. (Sorry, not all of them have titles)

Sad and alone,
Right to my very bone.
Hurt Me
You hurt me like a dart,
one that’s gone right through my heart.
Fight, Life
I have a terrible, lonely life,
So much to where I’m giving up the fight.
The sound of rain as it falls,
and of feet as they pace the halls,
She feels caged up and bored,
but in her heart she is happy and has soared!
People going to and fro,
so which way do I go?
I wish I had someone by my side,
as the love of my life and my guide.

(here’s a different variation of the poem above…)

My love will never end,
even with our ups and downs and crazy bends,
Things going to and fro,
not knowing which way to go,
I’m thankful to have have you by my side,
As the love of my life, and my guide.
Pain in My Heart
Will I ever get over it? 
Will I ever be free from the hurt and pain you gave me?
I want to get through this stormy sea,
But every time I hear your name it’s like an anchor weighing me down,
And my cry’s can’t be heard over the thunder’s sound.
When I talk with or of you my heart leaps, 
But I remember you love another and it falls deep,
What ever it takes I promise not to get between you,
No matter what my heart wants to do.
For I know what it’s like when your heart is blown away,
And your special someone is gone before you know what to say.

Here are a couple poems that I wrote not long ago, for one of the stories I’m working on.

I thought we’d always be friends,
now I wonder if it’ll ever end.
You said you love me,
yet you hurt me daily.
What is it that makes you want me?
Why won’t you lave me be?
I have broken free, 
yet you still haunt me,
Lurking in the shadows,
you won’t let me go,
I have found someone who cares,
Someone who treats me fair.

I hope you enjoyed these! Please lemme know what you think. 🙂

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I think this year will be going by just as fast as last year did. sigh First it was New Years, I blink and it’s already February! Geez!!

The month of Valentines…. Honestly I think any or almost every day of the year should be like Valentines. We shouldn’t just set aside one day to tell our special someone they mean the world to us or have that the only time we buy them something nice and sweet, we should tell them that everyday how much they mean to us, and surprise them with a gift every so often to show them just how special they really are. Don’t ya think?

Anyways…. Not much happened in January, it was a pretty good month, and I can’t wait to find out what else this year has in store for my Family and I. 😀

My writing isn’t going as well as I had hoped it would though, so far. It’s like my mind is trying to give me writer’s block, but I’m fighting it so hopefully soon I’ll have words flying off the keyboard. 😉 Though I am working on at least 3 stories at the same time, plus I keep getting new ideas for different books that float through my head. I must say that, sometimes it gets a little confusing.

Gideon is still growing like a weed…today he didn’t want to take a nap so I just let him play in his room until he finally fell asleep around 4pm. I just hope he doesn’t sleep too much where he won’t fall asleep tonight. 😛

Due to having insomnia most nights, I’ve been thinking and trying to pick up some yoga. The few times I’ve done it I slept really good that night. But I looked into some of the stuff for it at Walmart, and it can get pricey! So for now I’m just sticking to the Yoga I have on our Wii Fit. 😛

Well got to head out..gotta finish cleaning before Mr. K gets home, and while the baby is still sleeping. 😉

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DPchallenge: Leave your shoes at the door


Daily Post Weekly Challenge

Split perspectives: For the fabulous flash fiction experts, let’s see all the angles of your story. Write a couple of paragraphs from one vantage point, and then turn the tables — and walk in the shoes of another character. Tell us the same story from their view.

Her breath came in gasps, sweat started to bead at her brow; fear gripped Ziva’s heart, as her legs began to give away. How much longer could she run?  “I’m coming for you!” He yelled, she looked around trying to find somewhere to hide, he had found her where she worked at Peaceful Garden Nursery and Corn Maze, they weren’t open today so no one else was there, she was just there to water plants and organize the flowers. She was currently in the corn maze, she knew this maze like the back of her hand, and that not far to left was the Nursery building, to her left was an abandoned building and to the back and the surrounding sides of the Nursery and the abandoned building was the woods. Pulling out her phone she quickly pushed redial to whoever she had talked to last which looked like Mikey, her long time friend and crush. “Hey Ziva! what’s…” she cut him off, “Mikey help! Please he’s after me, and is trying to kill me.” she rushed in a harsh whisper, as the tears rolled down her face

Mikey’s heart seemed to have stop for a second as the words Ziva said echoed through his mind. “Wait what? Where are you and who’s he?” “I’m at work, in the corn maze, at its Jim.” He knew little of Jim, other then he was her ex-Boyfriend and that he was a nut job. Mikey ran to the door of his house grabbing his truck keys as he went by the coffee table. Anger and Fear rushed through his veins, If that man so much as hurts a hair on her body… His thoughts trailed off as he heard someone yelling in the background “I’ll kill you!” he heard making him run even quicker to his truck, he started his truck and peeled out of the driveway,  “I’m on my way right now, I’ll be there as soon as I can, just leave your phone on.”

“Ok” Ziva replied before moving the phone from her ear. Jim was her ex-boyfriend  from last year, they had dated for three years when she lived in Nevada, she broke up because he was becoming to controlling and aggressive; he had taken the break up really hard even had started to stalk her, and that’s when she moved back to her hometown in Alabama, she hadn’t really talked much about where she was from, so she hoped and prayed he wouldn’t follow. She guessed that he had found out what town she was from. Jim called out again, “I loved you, and you left me for this dump.” “No you loved controlling me!” She answered back, before running in the the opposite direction. He sounded drunk so he was also making a lot of noise making it easy for her to know where he was at. As she rounded a corner she found a Pitch Fork that was stick out of a hay bale, they sometimes put hay bales out so people can take a break. She picked up the Fork hoping that she wouldn’t have to use it but figured she’d rather be safe then sorry.  She was close to the back of the maze so she decided to head for the trees; lifting the phone to her ear again she said “I’m headed to the trees that are at the back of the maze, Mikey.” “Ok…” before he finished his sentence the phone was swatted from her hand.

Jim had peeked around a corner and saw her standing there with her back towards him. He took a second to look at her, she was still so beautiful just like when he had last seen her. Remembering the last time he had seen her face to face  which was when she had left him, brought back all that anger and hate and hurt that she had brought to him. He quietly walked up behind her as she put her phone to her ear, she was talking into it, when he reached her he slapped the phone away and into the next row. Grabbing her hair he pulled her back and around to him.

Ziva let out a scream as Jim pulled her hair to make her come close to him.  “Hello Baby, why you running from me?” he muttered in her ear, his voice dripping like poisonous honey with the smell of liquor. “Let go of me, you dog.” She bit back trying to push him away, but he just jerked her head around and wrapped his right arm around her. She felt the knife he held in his right hand begin to dig into her side.

“Now now that’s no way to talk to your boyfriend.”Jim replied, anger boiling up inside of him. He wanted to make her suffer before killing her for what she had done to him, yet another side of him wanted nothing more then the hold her him his arms and spend the rest of their lives together. “Please don’t fight me baby, I love you and I don’t want to hurt you. Can’t we just move on and you can come back and live with me? I promise I won’t hurt you, I just want you in my life.” he said moving his fingers through her hair. He always liked her hair, it was silky, long and as Golden as the Sun; and her eyes as blue as the sky and as deep as the ocean, he could stay lost in those beautiful eyes forever.

Chills went up Ziva’s spine as Jim looked into her eyes with his dark ones, for a moment she could almost see the love in them but it disappeared as something else began to fill his eyes. There was no way to really describe what she could see in his eyes, just that they seemed so empty and evil, like they thirst for something that they couldn’t have. She wanted nothing more then to spit in his face and run for her life but she wasn’t sure how much longer she could run. She just hoped Mikey would get there soon.

Mikey raced down the road using his police radio that he had in his truck he radioed back to the station. “Hey Dina this is Mikey, I’ve got a situation can you send a car to the Peaceful Garden Nursery and Corn Maze out on Hwy 18? There’s a woman being attacked by a man who may be armed.” “Sure Mikey, I’m sending one out there right now closest one is about 10 minutes away.” “Thanks, I’m about 4 minutes from there, and I won’t be waiting for back-up.” “I’ll tell them to hurry, be careful.” I’m coming Ziva, hold on.

“Jim, I’d love to go with you, but I can’t. I’ve got a job and family who are counting on me right now.” Ziva fibbed trying to stall him until Mikey got there. “My mom isn’t doing well and had to go to the hospital the other day, and with Dad gone and all my siblings over seas at the moment, I’m the only one who can take care of her. And the Jim I know wouldn’t be selfish enough to just take me from my family, would you?” she said trying to put a little sadness in her eyes. The knife that was poking into her seemed to give a little, she could feel the blood begin to drip down her side. She gave a slight sigh. Then something changed in his eyes, and he jammed the knife deep into her side, sharp pain shot through her body as he held the knife tight against her side.

Blood began to flow from her body and over his hand, it felt warm and yet cool at that same time. Twisting his fingers once again through her hair he pulled her in, “this Jim is different!” he hissed before placing his lips on her.

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